Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregivers (RCI)

The world knows Rosalynn Carter as a former First Lady, global humanitarian, and the love of President Carter’s life. What is less well known is Mrs. Carter’s commitment to create a more caring society by recognizing and supporting some of the most vulnerable populations. She was dedicated to families navigating the burdens and rewards of caring for those who are aging, ill, or disabled.

Mrs. Carter recognized that taking care of another person was more than simply the everyday duty of family and those who selflessly cared for family and friends – caregivers – were often overlooked. These realizations led Mrs. Carter to become a champion for caregivers, and she has continued her efforts on their behalf beyond her time in public service.

In 1987, Mrs. Carter founded the Rosalynn Carter Institute for Caregivers (RCI) to support the unique needs of caregivers those who selflessly cared for family and friends; and build on her belief that everyone is a caregiver now, has been a caregiver, or will either be or need a caregiver in the future. Over the last 36 years, RCI has grown to support all unpaid caregivers, which number more than 53 million people in the United States.

Her efforts fostered RCI’s national expansion, increased awareness of the challenges facing family caregivers, and has positioned caregivers as a vital part of our nation’s public health system.

Mrs. Carter dedicated her life to her family, her faith, and to helping others. Her spirit will continue to inhabit everything we do at the institute created in her name. We at RCI have been honored to know her and will work each and every day to continue in her spirit the good work she started. She would have it no other way.